Merchandising Review

The Growth of Guacamole

No matter how you spoon it, guacamole from avocados is delicious and nutritious. And it’s winning over a multitude of consumers at the grocery store. Per Statista, U.S. avocado consumption grew to 2.7 billion pounds in 2020, from 436 million pounds in 1985. […]

Merchandising Review

Tailgates Are a Major Eating Event

The deli can score with foods that add quality. Tailgates in parking lots outside football stadiums have become major social eating events. Hormel’s national survey of 5,000 consumers around the country found the optimal size […]

Merchandising Review

Profit from the Proper Pairings

Cross merchandising in retail educates consumers and sharpens sales efforts in the deli. Successful retailers understand how consumers shop. They understand their customers, including how those customers navigate their stores and how they select and […]

Merchandising Review

Spread the Profits

The grocery aisles are uniformly rigid shelving and limited in their ability to really call out a new product other than a drop-down tag or shelf hooks, but the deli, in addition to a few […]

Merchandising Review

Taking a Dip

Guacamole has arrived, and it’s not going anywhere. Once largely just a fixture at Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants, guac has firmly established itself in the mainstream, including becoming a staple of supermarket delis and household […]

Deli Meats

Cross Merchandising Benefits

Cross merchandising is a successful method of selling, but retailers need to plan  and get creative. This visual merchandising strategy consists of placing complementary products in close proximity within the deli.  It is an effective […]

Merchandising Review

Getting Creative with Condiments

From easy spreads for wraps to delicious toppings on chicken, condiments offer a plethora of choices for the creative retailer and consumer. And the popularity of condiments continues to grow. New York-based Statista reports that, […]

Merchandising Review

Sushi Success

Americans might not be as ready as their Japanese counterparts for robot-rolled sushi. Take the semi-automated conveyor-belt-style Sushiro restaurants based in Osaka, which New York-headquartered Baum+Whiteman International Restaurant Consultants calls a good example of its […]