Sell more DELI dinners-To-Go

It’s 4 p.m. What’s for dinner? This is the question that resonates with consumers across the nation. It’s no wonder! Eighty percent of Americans ate dinner daily in 2020, versus 67% for lunch and 63% […]


Snacks Are the New Meals

Snacks are becoming the new meals as consumers look to eat in convenient smaller quantities rather than sit down together for more extended mealtime gatherings with family, friends or co-workers. And producers expect consumers venturing […]

Deli Meats

A Meaty Proposition

Deli meats have been a great solution for customers during the pandemic, as many found themselves in their home office searching for meal solutions throughout their quarantine and stay-at-home time. Once the pandemic hit, deli […]

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From the Editor

Making Delis a Culinary Mecca

Deli departments in supermarkets have been in a strange place throughout the pandemic. On one hand, the delis never received the enormous boost in sales that grocery did at the beginning of the pandemic. It […]

Merchandising Review

The Deli Cracker Difference

Crackers found in the deli sections of supermarkets tend to differ from their counterparts in grocery aisles in a variety of key ways, but Cara Figgins, president of Des Moines, WA-based Partners, a Tasteful Choice […]

Cover Story

Succeeding in Sustainability

The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 committed the United States to sustainability, declaring it a national policy “to create and maintain conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit […]