Deli Meats

Mastering Mortadella

Mortadella. The name rolls off the tongue – just like a wafer thin slice of the silky smooth pork luncheon meat melts in the mouth. Similar in appearance to bologna, mortadella is a deli meat, […]

Deli Meats

Charcuterie: What’s Old is New Again

All of a sudden, charcuterie boards are all the rage. They’re taking over restaurant menus and Instagram feeds… and increasingly, supermarket delis. But charcuterie, the French term for the culinary art of preparing meat products […]

Merchandising Review

The Deli Goes Vegetarian

Late in 2019, Burger King began announcing to anyone with a screen or radio the coming of a version of their signature dish made without meat, demonstrating the power of the trend toward plant-based foods. […]

Prepared Foods

Revving Up for Soup Success

With comfort food at the forefront since the pandemic hit in early spring, soup would typically benefit. What has taken a hit in supermarket delis are the self-serve bars, of which this item is a […]

Cheese Corner

Unsung Alpine Delicacies

Cheese lovers around the world extol French Comté, Swiss Gruyère and Italian Fontina Val D’Aosta, yet just across the border in Austria, the cheesemaking tradition remains relatively unknown. High-quality cheese has been made in Austria […]

Cheese Corner

Capitalizing on Crackers

Specialty crackers sold out of the supermarket deli department offer consumers a whole lot that they simply won’t find inside a box in the grocery aisle. And for savvy supermarket retailers, that means opportunity. The […]


Hummus Happenings

A recent report by New York City-based Statista predicted sales of hummus would increase over the coming years, following a year in which the category recorded nearly $780 million. In fact, it’s projected that hummus […]

Cover Story

Taking it Online

Fancy one of the signature deli subs from Publix Super Markets? Maybe it’s a chunky tuna or chicken salad or made with Boar’s Head ham. Either way, there’s no need to take a number and […]