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From the Editor

Re-Thinking Prepared Foods

February/March, 2020 – It is easy to think of reasons why prepared foods must be the focus of the deli. Primarily, prepared foods provide a retailer with the opportunity to offer unique, restaurant-quality food and […]

Prepared Foods

A Piece of the Pie

For supermarket delis that focus on quality and trends, the ever-evolving pizza segment can be quite a lucrative venture.  Total revenue in the U.S. pizza industry is upwards of $47 billion, with annual growth on […]

Merchandising Review

A Secret Deli Weapon

Olives are easy to love. Their symphony of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent flavors are uniquely complex, making them an essential ingredient for any food lover. Yet, just a few decades ago, your average […]

Cheese Corner

A Roquefort Revolution

In Delphine Carles’ first memories of Roquefort cheese, she’s following her father around a drafty limestone cave, one of the many that naturally occur in the rugged, dolomitic rock of France’s Mont Combalou. At 1,970 […]

Cover Story

Profiting From Deli Prepared Foods

Deli prepared foods was once synonymous with sandwiches; or, more historically accurate circa the late 19th century in the U.S., pastrami on rye with a side of coleslaw. Today, selections are staggering. From choices behind […]