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Vegan Has Arrived in the Deli

The deli department has been a bastion of meat and cheese. The core of the lineup has been a wide selection of sliced meats, fine cheeses, entrees and in most cases, rotisserie chicken. However, plant-based, […]

Cheese Corner

Fon-due it Yourself

A jug of wine, a loaf of bread, a pot of cheese – and thou.  A pandemic brings the necessity of isolation, and with it, a great excuse to indulge in the cheesy goodness of […]

Merchandising Review

Taking a Dip

Guacamole has arrived, and it’s not going anywhere. Once largely just a fixture at Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants, guac has firmly established itself in the mainstream, including becoming a staple of supermarket delis and household […]


Getting Schooled

Like American’s 4 p.m. quandary of ‘What’s for Dinner?’, parents ponder ‘What’s for Lunch?’ when the hands on the seasonal clock hits fall. The sales potential of back-to-school lunchbox fare is huge. Consider that of […]


Targeting Tailgating Consumers

Score a touchdown in sales by turning the deli into a destination for tasty tailgating supplies. That’s what Josh Naughton, director of deli, seafood and specialty cheese at Roche Bros. Supermarkets, has championed. The 21-store […]

Prepared Foods

Profiting from Party Platters

It is evident from the Madison, WI-based International Dairy Deli Bakery Association’s (IDDBA) recently released annual trends report, What’s In Store, and its annual IDDBA 2022 trade show in Atlanta that party platters are a […]

Cover Story

Take it On the Run

The supermarket deli has long been a destination for on-the-go shoppers who are looking for quick meal solutions at price points better than restaurant counterparts. That’s why the grab-and-go segment in the department has been […]