Merchandising Review

Taking a Dip

Guacamole has arrived, and it’s not going anywhere. Once largely just a fixture at Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants, guac has firmly established itself in the mainstream, including becoming a staple of supermarket delis and household […]


Getting Schooled

Like American’s 4 p.m. quandary of ‘What’s for Dinner?’, parents ponder ‘What’s for Lunch?’ when the hands on the seasonal clock hits fall. The sales potential of back-to-school lunchbox fare is huge. Consider that of […]


A Changing Category

Hummus—that wonderful spread made of chickpeas, tahini, garlic and salt—is so versatile that retailers successfully market it as a dip, spread and cooking ingredient. Twenty six percent of U.S. households purchase hummus, according to Statista, […]


Starting at the Beginning

Small bites served to whet the appetite before a meal have been a menu favorite for a couple of millennia. The ancient Romans, for example, began their banquets with tasty tidbits like seasoned eggs, cheese […]


Hummus Happenings

A recent report by New York City-based Statista predicted sales of hummus would increase over the coming years, following a year in which the category recorded nearly $780 million. In fact, it’s projected that hummus […]