Veroni Celebrates the New Season with a Special Italian-Style Spring Charcuterie Board

The top Italian brand in the U.S. for cured meats releases a flower-themed video tutorial to style it in the most creative way

Correggio (Italy) –  Spring at last. The most revitalizing season of the year is here, and with it the urge to fill the kitchen with new flavors and colors, by adding the Veroni Italian touch! The historic Italian charcuterie company based in the heart of Italian Food Valley (Emilia-Romagna), releases its Spring Charcuterie Board, a brand-new social video tutorial to celebrate the new season in a very creative way, the Italian way.

The mission is to show charcuterie enthusiasts how to style the perfect Spring version of a Charcuterie Board, suitable for all kinds of gatherings, such as an “aperitivo” with friends, playing on the artistic and chromatic pairing with cheese, vegetables, fresh and dried fruits to create designs and geometric shapes.

Also ideal for completing the Easter table, “Springtime” is the video tutorial which is part of the social campaign “Veroni charcuterie boards: the Italian touch!” designed to show the “ABC” of charcuterie boards and to suggest inventive ideas for menus to share with friends and family. 

The Spring Charcuterie boards: instructions

Impress your guests and have fun making your own creative cutting board with these simple and cooking-friendly tips:

  • Set the ingredients up
  • Roll up the salame slices and create the flower you prefer by using a simple glass!
  • Fold the mortadella and arrange it around Veroni salame
  • Add the prosciutto cotto (ham)
  • Goat or Tomino cheese? Match the salami with fresh cheese and sprinkle it with chives
  • Add the mortadella sushi, an inviting roll with mortadella, creamy cheese and zucchini sliced instead of seaweed
  • Garnish with crudités of assorted vegetables and fresh fruit

Of course, there can be no shortage of flowers and colors, must-haves to bring a touch of cheer to the table!

The historic Italian charcuterie company from Emilia-Romagna, famous worldwide for its high-quality cured meats and recognized as the top Italian brand in the US luncheon meat industry*, has produced for its community of charcuterie enthusiasts a video tutorial series to learn the art of Italian-style charcuterie board with five themed Italian-style cutting boards suitable for holiday parties or an “aperitivo” designed for pro charcuterie board makers.

The multichannel campaign is available on both the company’s U.S. social media and Italian accounts, from Instagram to Facebook, via Linkedin, Twitter, and Youtube, and finally on the company’s websites

Only one video is missing to complete the series: it is about Discover the Taste of Italy, the triumph of cured meats and appetizers from Emilia-Romagna.

*Data source: Circana, segment US Luncheon Meat

Veroni Salumi

A historic producer of high-quality cured meats, Veroni was founded in 1925 born from the initiative of five brothers – Fiorentino, Francesco, Paolo, Adolfo and Ugo – who owned a small grocery store in Correggio, in the province of Reggio Emilia. From a small local deli, Veroni has now become a modern, technologically advanced business that passes down the art of cured meats from generation to generation, preserving the values of tradition, craftsmanship and old-fashioned recipes. In addition to the Correggio plant, which still remains the company’s headquarters, Veroni has seven other production plants in Emilia-Romagna and, in 2016, a slicing plant was born in the United States.


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