Sustainable Piedmontese Cheesemaking With Caseificio Paje

Caseificio Paje merges the art of cheesemaking with environmentally conscious sourcing and practices. Situated within their local Piedmont community, they partner with three neighboring farmers to ensure an exceptional selection of raw materials. At the heart of Paje lies an unwavering commitment to sustainability and the art of traditional Piedmontese cheesemaking.

Once professionals in the IT realm, the journey of the founders of Caseificio Paje, Paolo and Denise, seems like a leap at first glance. However, this dramatic shift of careers wasn’t a detour – but rather a thoughtful stride towards a lifestyle that resonated with their deep-rooted values. Captivated by artisanal cheesemaking and organic farming, the dedicated couple embarked on an adventure to produce organic cheeses in harmony with nature. Despite lacking a familial legacy in cheese-making, their passion has fostered a mastery of their craft. 

Personal connections lie at the heart of their operations. They have cultivated relationships with two local organic farmers, one of whom, Giuliano, specializes in sheep and goat farming, while the other rear cows in Valle d’Aosta. The cheeses we have chosen to introduce to our collection are all made using local goat’s milk (breeds include Camosciata and Saanen). These farms are certified biodynamic in Italy, which means they use a closed-loop system of sourcing feed (fresh fodder of clover and hay, plus some cereals like corn and soy) and take a sustainable, holistic approach.

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