So long, Old Friend

Lee Smith

It was a terrible surprise to learn of Jim Prevor’s passing. We have known each other for close to 40 years and, for most of that time, we worked together, talking almost every day. We launched two magazines, Deli Business and Cheese Connoisseur, and every day was both a thrill and a challenge. We went through good times and bad, and we had our ups and downs. Our goal was to provide information needed for businesses to succeed, provide objective information and considered opinions. There is no doubt that Jim was a learned master of the produce business. Produce Business served to unite the industry, and Jim was always there to take on the tough issues. He was a thought leader, and whether you agreed with his opinion or not, he was someone to take seriously. However, Jim was not just about produce, he was a perishable foods guy and so much more. Whether you were talking about food, retailing, tariffs, airline travel or history, he was someone who knew about the world. He was intensely curious, ready for a discussion and always asking questions.

His death was a tremendous shock. He was too young, too vibrant and too intense to just stop, and yet, he did. My condolences are with his lovely wife, Debbie, their two terrific kids and all his friends, relatives and business associates. His passing is a loss we all will feel.

There are many issues to write about, but I don’t think I can write about them at this time. The issues will not disappear, so they will be written about in the future. Today, I am in mourning for the loss of a friend and colleague. I will miss him.


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