Rembrandt Foods Expands Into Pre-Cooked Egg Market 

Eden Prairie, Minnesota – Rembrandt Foods, a leading supplier of egg products to the food ingredient channel, is excited to announce its acquisition of Artisan Kitchens, a premier producer of pre-cooked egg products to the retail, convenience, and foodservice channels.  

Artisan Kitchens processes over 80 million eggs yearly into pre-cooked egg bites and omelets for convenient, nutritious, and healthy high-protein meals under the Artisan Kitchens brand, as well as for private label and co-manufacturing customers. 

Rembrandt Foods’ expansion in the pre-cooked category is a first step in an ongoing strategy to develop pre-cooked egg product capabilities to support the growing protein and breakfast categories while utilizing Rembrandt’s unique understanding of egg processing to build further capabilities for its customers. 

The day-to-day sales and operations of Artisan Kitchens will continue under the Artisan Kitchens management, with support from Rembrandt’s senior leadership team.  

“This is a natural progression that marries unique product and processing competencies, which will open opportunities within each company’s current customer base,” said Nick Pugleasa, Vice President, Go-to-Market of Rembrandt Foods.  

“Bringing Artisan Kitchens and Rembrandt Foods together is a highly strategic move for our business strategy,” said Andrew Herr, CEO of Rembrandt Foods. “We are so excited to be working with all the stakeholders in Artisan Kitchens and look forward to developing our future in the pre-cooked egg market.” 

About Rembrandt Foods 

Rembrandt Foods is a leader in the egg ingredient industry, with strong production assets, market insights, and operating expertise. Founded in 2000, Rembrandt Foods has grown into a highly respected producer of critical ingredients to the food manufacturing industry, providing its customers with comprehensive product solutions across a range of pre-cooked, liquid, and dried egg products. 

About Artisan Kitchens 

Artisan Kitchens is a premier producer of pre-cooked egg bite and omelet products to customers in the retail, convenience, and foodservice channels. The company specializes in customized products that leverage the demand for nutritious, high protein meals for branded, private label, and co-manufacturing customers. The Artisan Kitchens brand can be found in select retail and club store locations nationwide. 

About AGR Partners 

AGR Partners is a specialist food and agribusiness investor that provides long-term capital to grow industry leaders.  For more information, visit; or


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