Partners, A Tasteful Choice Company Unveils Crispy and Delicious Sourdough Flatbread Crackers

Des Moines, WA — Partners, A Tasteful Choice Company is excited to announce the launch of its newest addition to the deli crackers lineup: Partners Sourdough Flatbread Crackers. Crafted with care and intention, these crackers are set to elevate snacking experiences with their crispy texture and delectable flavors.

Available in three enticing varieties – Sea Salt, Rosemary, and Garlic Herb – Partners Sourdough Flatbread Crackers promise a perfect selection of flavors that will tantalize taste buds. Each 6.5 ounce package comes in fully recyclable tubs made from post recycled materials, aligning with the company’s commitment to sustainability. 8 units per case, $6.99 MSRP.

“Our new Sourdough Flatbread Crackers are a testament to our dedication to quality and flavor,” said Cara Figgins, President, at Partners, A Tasteful Choice Company. “We’ve carefully curated each ingredient to ensure a delightful snacking experience that’s both wholesome and delicious.”

To complement the launch, Partners has introduced a standalone shipper display designed to showcase the full line selection of deli crackers with maximum impact and convenience. The display boasts features such as easy assembly, compact footprint, and front-facing displays to enhance visibility and drive impulse purchases.

Partners Sourdough Flatbread Crackers are perfect for pairing with cheeses, meats, dips, and spreads, making them an ideal choice for entertaining or enjoying as a standalone snack. With their all-natural, vegan, and Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients, these crackers offer guilt-free indulgence for consumers seeking wholesome snack options.

The crackers will be available year-round with special promotions and off-shelf display opportunities for seasonal and holiday entertaining.

For more information about Partners Sourdough Flatbread Crackers and other products, visit or contact Eric Reid at

About Partners, A Tasteful Choice Company: Partners, A Tasteful Choice Company is a second-generation family-owned bakery based in the Pacific Northwest. Since 1992, the company has been committed to crafting high-quality crackers, using real honest ingredients. Partners products are slow baked from scratch with integrity and responsibility, ensuring a signature taste and crisp texture that consumers love.


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