Lewis Road Creamery is Giving You Ten Reasons to LOVE Butter Again

To all the animal lovers and butter fanatics, here’s a butter that will make your heart sing and your tastebuds flip.  In the world of dairy, Lewis Road Creamery’s 10 Star Butter stands out as a true champion.  Recently honored with the prestigious Specialty Food Association (SFA) Award, this exceptional butter has captured the attention of food lovers and sustainability enthusiasts alike.  Blind-tested by experts and consumers, it emerged as a winner in the category of Dairy, what’s more it took out the 2023 Product of the Year, leaving no doubt about its delectable appeal.  But what’s the secret behind this award-winning delight, and how does it align with consumers principles?

While the SFA Award celebrates taste, there’s much more to this butter than meets the palate.  Tucked away in two sweet spots of New Zealand the butter is made from milk sourced from Southern Pastures, the parent of Lewis Road Creamery, own farms.  These farms embrace the principles of regenerative agriculture, prioritizing a holistic approach to food and farming systems that encompasses health, biodiversity, and sustainability.

Non-GMO regenerative agriculture is not a one-size-fits-all practice but rather a philosophy embracing a variety of sustainable farming practices.  Scoping the world to find a certification that snuggly fit our regenerative, free range, pasture-based farming system failed and unable to find one quite as extensive, a development in conjunction with an independent certification body was born.  It seeks to rejuvenate the land, enhance ecosystems, respect animals, strengthen the vitality of farm soil, utilize 100% renewable energy and relies on rainfed methods, among other attributes that conscious consumers hold dear —

1. Above 99% Grass-fed

2. 365 days Free range and Pasture Raised

3. 100% GMO Free

4. Exceptional Animal Welfare, including adherence to the 5 Freedoms

5. Environment Sustainability, with a commitment to renewable electricity, rain fed water, clean air, stream and waterway enhancements, extensive native plantings, predator-free initiatives, nutrient and feed management plans, rotational grazing, wetland preservation, permanent beehives.

6. Antibiotic Stewardship, with a focus on minimal antibiotic use and strict veterinary oversight.

7. No rBST or additional growth hormones

8. No Palm, Soya, Animal feeds, or human food waste

9. Human Welfare, ensuring equal treatment and opportunities for all employees, a comprehensive health and safety manual, whistleblower protection, living wage payments, community engagement, and responsible sourcing practices.

10. Climate Change Mitigation, emphasizing regenerative agricultural practices such as zero to low tillage, introduction of dung beetles and earthworms to improve soil health, planting diverse pasture species with varying root systems.

So, the next time you savor a creamy bite of Lewis Road Creamery’s 10 Star Butter, know that you’re not just enjoying an award-winning delicacy full of flavor — you’re savoring a taste of true sustainability, a testament to the power of regenerative agriculture, for the “good”ness of the environment, animals, people and planet.

You can discover Lewis Road Creamery’s unsalted and salted butter at discerning natural food stores throughout the United States and on Amazon.  To find a list of these locations and to find out more, please visit our website www.lewisroadcreamery.com.


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