Klondike Cheese Launches NEW Brand, Buholzer Brothers Retail and Foodservice

Klondike Cheese Company’s new Buholzer Brothers™ brand is crafted by five Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers and dedicated staff and includes four flavorful varieties of Muenster, Brick, Havarti and Dill Havarti.

Brick cheese has a deliciously complex, earthy flavor with a touch of nuttiness when young but turns pungent and tangy when aged. Try Brick cheese on a Detroit-style pizza or slice to top a juicy hamburger. Buholzer Brick comes in a 6 lb loaves and 8oz. chunks. Also soon to be available in retail and foodservice slices.

Muenster is an orange rind cheese that is semi-firm with a creamy texture that gets even creamier with age. Perfect for grilled cheese, scrambled eggs or pizza. Buholzer Brothers Muenster comes in a 6 lb loaves, 15 lb long john, a retail and foodservice slice pack.

Havarti is a great melting cheese with its creamy, rich buttery flavor. Slice for grilled cheese, cube on salads, or serve on a charcuterie platter. Buholzer Brothers Havarti comes in 4.5 lb and 9 lb. loaves as well as 15 lb. long johns. Dill Havarti is available in 4.5 lb. and 9 lb. loaves. Both will also be available in retail slice packs. The plain Havarti will be in foodservice slices.

Klondike Cheese Co. is a 4th generation cheesemaking family, crafting award-winning cheeses in the same location in Monroe, Wisconsin since the late 1800’s. 2018 best of class awards received include 1st place for Brick, 2nd place for Muenster and 3rd place for Havarti at the World Championship Cheese Contest and 1st place for Dill Havarti at the Wisconsin State Fair.

The secret to Klondike’s exceptional quality is the combination of using state-of-the art equipment, their proprietary recipes and time-honored traditions of cheesemaking. The recent 50,000 square foot plant expansion at Klondike Cheese Co. shows their commitment to providing high quality, authentic and consistently flavorful products.

To learn more about the new Buholzer Brothers brand, please visit www.buholzerbrothers.com.


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