Kevin G. Fortun, Founder of STOCKPOT Soups, Has Returned With His Brand Name, Keeping to His Roots and Launching Six New Stockpot Retail Quality Soups

[Kirkland] After a historic presence as the world’s largest fresh soup company in the 90s, STOCKPOT Soups is back, proudly unveiling six exciting new retail soups. As pioneers in the fresh soup industry, STOCKPOT Soups, led by the visionary Kevin Fortun and his dedicated team, has reemerged with a commitment to quality that echoes their roots.

Kevin Fortun, the trailblazer behind the fresh soup industry since the late 70s, is at the helm once again. STOCKPOT Soups was the world’s largest fresh soup company back in the 90’s while being in 23 different countries before selling to Campbell’s. STOCKPOT Soups proudly carries the title of the original fresh soup company, and with the same team and owner, they are eager to reintroduce their award-winning soups to the market. 

Recognizing the recent decline in soup quality, STOCKPOT Soups stands out with its fantastic, true restaurant-quality offerings. The company’s philosophy of “quality start, quality finish” underscores their dedication to using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Where tradition meets innovation, STOCKPOT Soups ensures that each soup delivers an unparalleled culinary experience.

The six new retail soups, including New England Clam Chowder, Chili with meat & Beans, Chicken Vegetable Noodle, Vegetarian Tomato Bisque, Broccoli and Cheese, and Lobster Bisque, showcase STOCKPOT’S commitment to flavors that consumers look for.

STOCKPOT Soups extends beyond retail offerings, presenting a comprehensive foodservice lineup with over 40+ flavors of soup, including seven plant-based options inspired by global cuisines. Other items from Gravies to Finishing Sauces, Hollandaise Sauce, and Pot Pie Filling, STOCKPOT Soups provides freshrefrigerated solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

In a market where quality matters, STOCKPOT Soups stands as a beacon of excellence, redefining the standards for fresh and flavorful soups. Welcome back to a legacy of taste, where STOCKPOT Soups continues to set the benchmark for the original fresh soup experience.

Exciting new flavors coming in 2024, fresh Jambalaya, our classic Four Cheese Alfredo, and new flavors of soups.


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