Global Cheese Market: Non-Dairy Cheese and Cheese Consumption Trends

The world’s cheese market continues to evolve as well as its trends. The forces driving these changes and trends include changing consumer habits and attitudes to innovative product development, offering many opportunities for cheese enthusiasts and manufacturers.

Drivers of Cheese Consumption

Taste and health remain the primary reasons people indulge in cheese and 33% of consumers around the world consider it a staple in their diets. Non-dairy cheese launches peaked in 2021 and although it remains very small in terms of volume, there is an increasing number of consumers drawn to non-dairy cheese for environmental and ethical reasons and because they see it as a healthier alternative.

Cheese Consumption Trends

In both dairy and non-dairy cheese consumption trends, there are more consumers increasing than decreasing consumption. But there are significantly more likely to be consumers increasing consumption of non-dairy cheese than dairy cheese. This is particularly notable in Spain, where 38% of consumers are increasing consumption of non-dairy cheese but only 15% are increasing dairy cheese consumption.

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