Forever Cheese Becomes Master Distributor of Lady Edison Extra Fancy Country Ham

New York, NY — Forever Cheese, a leading specialty foods importer of cheese, cured meats, and other gourmet products, has announced its partnership with Lady Edison, makers of artisan country ham in the mountains of North Carolina. The importer is now the master distributor for award-winning Lady Edison Extra Fancy Country Ham, making it available to distributors, restaurants, and retailers nationwide.

Lady Edison’s premier dry-cured ham aims to bring back traditionally-made North Carolina country ham, starting with heritage breed pigs that come from a co-op of small farms in the state. They are Animal Welfare Approved, use certified non-GMO feed, and pasture-raise the pigs. Extra Fancy Country Ham is long aged for 18 to 24 months in a series of aging rooms that reflect the natural fluctuations in temperature and humidity throughout the year. This method of aging gives the ham its characteristic umami funk and succulent texture, and makes Lady Edison stand out amongst competitors. The ham is available in whole legs and sliced for foodservice and retail.

The new partnership is a natural fit for Forever Cheese, a company known for its focus on unique, high-quality products made with intention and care, and the addition of Lady Edison Extra Fancy Country Ham rounds out its selection of artisan cured meats. The two companies are linked through Karrie Kimble, Vice President of Sales at Forever Cheese and co-owner of Lady Edison with partners David Yourd and Sam Suchoff. Kimble explains, “It is a joy to combine my work leading the sales efforts at Forever Cheese with my partnership in Lady Edison. We are thrilled to have Lady Edison join our lineup of spectacular cheeses, accompaniments, and charcuterie. It’s going to be an excellent partnership for everyone involved.” Lady Edison is available to purchase through Forever Cheese now. They will join the importer in booth 2901 at the Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas, January 21-23, 2024.

About Lady Edison: From the heart of the American ham belt, Lady Edison produces one of the premier dry-cured hams in the world. Born from a passion for promoting ethical and sustainable hog farming, Lady Edison sources pork exclusively from an Animal Welfare Approved cooperative of 13 single-family farms. The curing process remains true to its North Carolina terroir and country ham tradition developed by the region’s settlers centuries ago. Founded in 2015, Lady Edison is owned and run by Sam Suchoff, David Yourd, and Karrie Kimble. 

About Forever Cheese: Forever Cheese, importers of artisan cheese and accompaniments, was founded over two decades ago. Driven by a passion for exceptional foods, the Company has grown into an industry leader, with its products in many grocery stores, restaurants, and specialty food shops nationwide. With a focus on authenticity and intentional sourcing, Forever Cheese seeks out the most exciting artisanal products and prioritizes telling the stories of their family of producers. The Company is headquartered in New York, NY with a warehouse location in Secaucus, NJ. 


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