Cowgirl Creamery Showcases New Fixed Weight Formats at Winter Fancy Food Show 

Cowgirl Creamery, the beloved brand known for its award-winning, organic, cow milk cheeses, is presenting its newest additions to the portfolio, Wagon Wheel and Hop Along 6 oz at the Winter Fancy Food Show, January 21-23, 2024.

Both award-winning cheeses, Wagon Wheel and Hop Along, will now be available in a retail ready format. Acclaimed by chefs for their versatility and consumers for their friendly flavor profile, both washed-rind cheeses elevate any cheeseboard or serve as a secret weapon in recipes.

Retail ready packaging highlights artisan cheese feel while offering consumers flavor descriptors, tasting notes, and serving suggestions.

Wagon Wheel: Experience the liquid gold rush from the hills of San Francisco with Wagon Wheel, a versatile, snackable cheese at its glory when melted down and forged into your favorite meal. Born from the sunshine of California’s rolling golden hills, Wagon Wheel is our most versatile and snackable cheese. At room temperature, it’s approachable and delicious. When melted, we call it Liquid Gold. Designed by chefs for chefs (originally on Zuni Cafe’s pizza menu), Wagon Wheel is a washed rind cheese crafted from organic cow’s milk and aged for a minimum of 75 days as 15 lb wheels.

Hop Along: A snackable organic cheese under the influence of hard cider, Hop Along is crafted into 5 lb wheels in our Petaluma creamery. After 45 days of aging, this washed rind cheese develops aromas of apple and brioche and a silky, semi-firm interior. Hop Along is a versatile and approachable option for both cheese novices and experts and easily pairs with a variety of snacks (cured meats, preserved and fresh fruits, nuts) and beverages (kombucha & hard cider).

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At the Show: Cowgirl Creamery will sample their entire lineup of bloomy rind cheeses, including their #1 seller Mt Tam; the perfectly pungent Red Hawk; Devil’s Gulch, which comes topped with chili flakes; and the field flower and herb covered Pierce Point. They’ll also sample their two washed rind, aged cheeses: Wagon Wheel and Hop Along and display new format offerings!

About Cowgirl Creamery: Just north of San Francisco, in the rolling hills of the North Bay, Cowgirl Creamery has been pioneers in the domestic cheese-scape for more than 25 years. What began as an endeavor between two friends, Sue Conley and Peggy Smith, to support surrounding organic dairies, has grown into one of the country’s most beloved and acclaimed cheesemakers, winning multiple awards for its bloomy rind and aged cheeses. And while the company continues to evolve, it never wavers from its founding ideals to cultivate goodness—in cheese, land, and communities. Indeed, it continues to infuse its values of environmental stewardship and quality craftsmanship by using organic milk from local Northern California dairies committed to sustainable agriculture. It is this cornerstone, delicious cheese made thoughtfully, that underpins Cowgirl’s longevity—a longevity that just celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2022.


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