Atalanta Launches Cracking Good, High-Quality Cheeses from The British Isles

Elizabeth, NJ — Atalanta is excited to announce the launch of a brand-new cheese brand, Cracking Good, The playful, pub-themed line features iconic, high-quality cheeses from the British Isles. Cracking Good debutes with three cheeses: Mature Irish Cheddar, Extra Mature Scottish Cheddar, and Vintage English Cheddar.

Cracking Good cheese is exactly what the name promises—-no-nonsense, simply high-quality, delicious cheeses from the British Isles. Crafted with grass-fed milk and aged to perfection, Cracking Good Cheese embodies the convivial, lighthearted joy of pub culture at its best and celebrates the rich culinary tradition of the United Kingdom.

“Cracking Good fills a key gap in cheese cases across the US,” says Katie Baldwin, Senior Brand Manager at Atalanta. “Most cheeses from the UK and Ireland sold in the US come from a small brand with one item or a brand with a single country of origin. We created a single line to celebrate authentic cheeses from the archipelago while embodying the fun side of the region’s unique cultures that we all know and love.”

Made from the fresh grass-fed milk of Irish cows grazing in the rich fields of the South-East Irish coast, Cracking Good Mature Irish Cheddar is aged for nine months for a subtle sweetness and a buttery smoothness.

Twelve months of careful aging gives Cracking Good Extra Mature Scottish Cheddar a crumbly texture and a nutty, savory, sharp complexity. It’s made on the southwest coastline of Scotland, where steady rainfall leads to lush grasslands and Scottish cattle forage along the rugged terrain.

Cracking Good Vintage English Cheddar has a lingering, caramel sweetness with signature crunchy crystals, thanks to 14 months of maturing. It’s crafted in Shropshire with milk sourced from local free-range, grass-fed cows in the West Midlands of England, a region with a rich history of producing delicious traditional cheddars.


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