AK Pizza Crust Unveils the Latest Trends in the Pizza Industry for 2024

 Green Bay, Wis. – As pizza aficionados eagerly anticipate the year ahead, the AK Pizza Crust team unveils the ultimate guide to revolutionizing the pizza industry in The State of the Pizza Nation 2024. Drawing insights from consumer cravings, global influences, and emerging trends, this comprehensive trend report serves as a roadmap to elevate pizza offerings, capture customer loyalty, and drive profitability for restaurants, retailers, and convenience stores.

“Pizza is an American classic,” says Luke Siedow, Corporate Chef at AK Pizza Crust. “On average, nearly half of consumers eat pizza every week, and individually they are munching through over 150 slices a year. Post-pandemic, more folks are looking for unique experiences, and are heading back to restaurants—craving that perfect slice of pizza along with their dine-in experience.”

The research and development team at AK Pizza Crust is always innovating to offer products that align with emerging industry trends, giving their customers valuable tools to help them grow their businesses. Predictions for the pizza industry in 2024 include a focus on food as a status symbol, consumer interest in replicating posh experiences through “dupes,” and an emphasis on food as a form of self-expression. Generational eating trends, from Gen Alpha to Baby Boomers, provide invaluable insights for tailoring menus and creating experiences that resonate with diverse preferences.

AK Pizza Crust’s free State of the Pizza Nation 2024 offers an extensive exploration of industry trends and tips. Delve into the hottest flavors and predictions for the pizza industry by visiting https://www.akcrust.com/pizza-industry-trends-2024.

For deeper insights and face-to-face discussions, AK Pizza Crust invites pizzerias, distributors, and restaurateurs to visit booth #2343 during the 40th annual International Pizza Expo March 19-21, 2024. To arrange a press interview with an AK Pizza Crust representative, reach out to the press contact listed below. Interviews can be arranged in person at the International Pizza Expo or virtually at any time.

Photos and descriptions are available for media use by visiting https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/Wpexiz1Peh

About AK Pizza Crust

Founded in 1989, AK Pizza Crust is a national leader in high-quality, versatile pizza crusts and dough balls. Our founders and managers have experience owning and operating pizza manufacturing companies and multiple regional pizza chains. We make a variety of pizza dough products in a large assortment of weights and sizes. For more information, visit akcrust.com.


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