Monterey Farms Announces the Launch of Chef Butter

New York City – Monterey Farms is thrilled to have launched Chef Butter at the Summer Speciality Food Show. These unique and intense compound butters are a blockbuster addition to the diverse and innovative products showcased at this premier product discovery event for the speciality food industry. Monterey Farms will have tastings of all 6 hand crafted butters.

“Home chefs and professionals everywhere are excited about Chef Butter. Unique and fresh ingredients combined with grade AA sweet cream butter make culinary creations quick and easy. Added to any protein, vegetable or grain, Chef Butter elevates common ingredients to unparalleled deliciousness. Maximizing flavor and convenience, Chef Butter will change your life in the kitchen.”

In 2022 Monterey Farms began research compound butter production, using only fresh ingredients. Our crew and management are dedicated to producing quality products, using the freshest possible ingredients.

Please visit our website, and see our social media @montereyfarmsinc.


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