The Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano and Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma Debut New Campaign at The Texas Restaurant Show

San Antonio, TX — The producers of Grana Padano PDO cheese and Prosciutto di Parma PDO are at the center of a joint promotional campaign that seeks to raise awareness about these unique European foods among American and Canadian retailers, chefs and consumers.

The program, which has been named “Distinctly Deliciously European,” will emphasize the importance of quality, authenticity and tradition. Grana Padano cheese and Prosciutto di Parma are prime examples of what the Protected Designation of Origin symbol indicates: they are produced by real people—in specific geographical regions of Europe—using centuries-old techniques to handcraft incomparably delicious food that cannot be replicated, mass-produced, or processed anywhere else.

Both products will be featured at The Texas Restaurant Show as part of “Distinctly Deliciously European” on July 14 and 15. Held in San Antonio by The Texas Restaurant Association, the yearly exhibition will be attended by restaurateurs, chefs, and industry executives.

To learn more about the Distinctly Delicious European campaign or to enjoy delicious samples of Grana Padano cheese and Prosciutto di Parma, we invite you to visit booth #741.


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