Schuman Cheese Partners with Westland on Old Amsterdam, Underscoring Category Leadership, and Stewarding a New Era in North America for the Renowned Gouda Brand

Leading Authority in Cheese Imports to Leverage Unparalleled Generational Expertise to Breathe New Life into Gouda Portfolio

FAIRFIELD, N.J. — Schuman Cheese, a family-owned business with a rich heritage spanning over 75 years, announces a new partnership with Westland, the family company behind Old Amsterdam. This strategic move unites two legacy businesses with a shared passion for quality, innovation, and the pursuit of unmatched flavor.

The Schuman family has been a driving force in the specialty cheese industry for seven decades, transforming a modest import business into a world-class operation. Founded in New York in 1945 by Arthur Schuman, the company’s dedication to integrity, excellence, and loyalty has been passed down through four generations. Today, Schuman Cheese stands as a testament to these enduring values, offering an array of premium cheeses that have earned the respect of connoisseurs worldwide.

“Our family’s journey through the cheese industry is a tapestry of skills, each thread representing a generation’s unique contribution,” says Ian Schuman, Import Business Unit Manager of Schuman Cheese. “Arthur Schuman’s passion for importing the finest cheeses laid our foundation. My grandfather and his brother expanded our reach, while my father, my siblings, and I have focused on continued innovation and best-in-class service. All of these elements have contributed to our company’s continued rise, and we’re thrilled to welcome this partnership with Westland for Old Amsterdam as the latest marker of success.”

Old Amsterdam, like Schuman Cheese, is built on a foundation of family values and a deep dedication to excellence. The Westland family’s ambition to create the most delicious mature cheese led them to challenge an independent research institute with an audacious task: develop a recipe for a Gouda with prominent cheese crystals and a sharp yet smooth flavor. The result is Old Amsterdam, a triumph of innovation that embodies Dutch ingenuity and down-to-earth spirit.

The secret behind Old Amsterdam’s unique taste lies in its patented process and the enigmatic “M4 starter.” This proprietary blend of natural ingredients, housed in the legendary Milk Container 4, is the culmination of years of experimentation. When combined with premium Dutch meadow milk and traditional cheese-making techniques, it yields a Gouda that is unrivaled in its complexity and balance.

“At Schuman Cheese, we believe in honoring traditions while embracing innovation,” Schuman continues. “Old Amsterdam’s story of relentless experimentation in pursuit of the perfect flavor aligns beautifully with our ethos. Together, we’ll write the next chapter, introducing more Americans to this extraordinary Gouda.”

With such strong synergy among both entities’ core values, Schuman Cheese is optimally positioned to work alongside Westland in taking Old Amsterdam to its next stage of growth in North America. Old Amsterdam will retain its unique identity while benefiting from the extensive network and industry acumen under the Schuman Cheese umbrella.

The company’s decades of experience and deep market understanding offer a level of support that continues to set the standard across the category. The seasoned team at Schuman Cheese possesses an intimate knowledge of impactful strategies across all sectors, from marketing to sales and beyond. All will be crucial under this transition which celebrates family, tradition, and the endless possibilities when passion meets skill.

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About Schuman Cheese 

Founded in New York in 1945, Schuman Cheese has grown into a highly lauded leader in the cheese industry worldwide. The family has set the standard for integrity, excellence, and loyalty for four generations, exemplified by their premium cheeses and lasting partnerships. Today, decades since their first import, Schuman’s team of skilled cheesemakers craft their world-class cheeses in Wisconsin, adding to their robust import business. At Schuman Cheese, they take pride in the products offered and remain committed to the mission and values established by Arthur Schuman. Discover their distinctive cheeses and latest innovations Schuman Cheese delights in sharing at


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