Lioni Latticini Pays Tribute to Co-Founder with Release of their Caciocavallo di Salvatore

Union, NJ — Lioni Latticini, Inc, well-known producer of Fresh Mozzarella, Burrata and Bufala cheese products exhibited at the Summer Fancy Food Show where they featured their Caciocavallo di Salvatore, named in remembrance of Co-Founder Salvatore Salzarulo.

“This distinguished, handcrafted cheese was my father’s final deliverance, a personification of the sentiments and passion of his legacy. Says Teresa Conforte, Vice President of Marketing, Lioni Latticini.

The Salzarulo family proudly offers their Caciocavallo, a traditional stretched curd cheese made from the highest quality whole cow’s milk. Lioni sources this milk from local farms and ages the Caciocavallo for three months. They use age-old techniques to achieve a smooth semi-soft light-yellow cheese with a relatively thin rind that intensifies with age. This authentic, Italian, locally made cheese is mild with a buttery flavor and creamy texture.  

Sal Salzarulo, Lioni’s Production Manager explains, “My Uncle and I took on this project together because we believed that every household should enjoy this traditional mild Italian cheese as much as we did. He was extremely proud of it, so it is an absolute privilege to share this work by continuing to produce the most consistent and highest quality Caciocavallo in the United States.”

Lioni hosted Executive Chef Salvo Locastrofounder of CasaSalvo on Manhattan’s Upper West Side on Sunday, June 23rd, at the Fancy Food Show for a special demonstration and live cooking experience. Chef Locastro has over 28 years of experience and expertise in culinary arts including 5-Star hotels and Michelin-Starred restaurants in Italy. With his recent opening of CasaSalvoLoCastro has received significant recognition in both the New York Times and Forbes magazine. CasaSalvo is an espresso bar and an Italian specialty food market where you can find Italian pantry staples which include Lioni’s traditional fresh mozzarella products. 

About Lioni Latticini, Inc.

The Salzarulo Family began its tradition in the Latticini business in the town of Lioni, Italy, many decades ago. Bringing old world Italian values and traditions to Brooklyn, NY, they have transformed their small neighborhood family business into a nationally renowned manufacturer and distributor of fresh mozzarella. Lioni supplies buyers with a full product line of fresh mozzarella products for both food service and retail demands across the United States. They currently ship nationally each week via refrigerated trucking.


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